10 Best Travel Pillows – The Top Selling Neck Pillows

The hardest part with travel is the lack of sleep we get on flights. It doesn’t matter if it’s an early morning flight that only lasts 1 hour or it’s a 16 hour long-haul nightmare of a journey across the world, we all need to get some sleep. We all want to be alert and fresh when we arrive so we can do some sightseeing, finish some business, or even meet friends and family. Sadly for the average person it’s never been easy to sleep on flights when you are in economy. Not only are the seats are cramped and offer very little recline, but that passenger you’re seated next to can be annoyingly loud and inconsiderate. The cold, dry air circulating through airplane cabins also adds to the difficulty passengers face when trying to get some sleep.

Trains, planes, cars & buses – get some rest with these amazing neck pillows!

The only solution to getting some much needed sleep is to have a travel neck pillow that suits your needs. We are all different and the idea that any old neck pillow you can buy at airport stores is going to work for you is just plain nonsense. Everyone has a different characteristic and preference for falling asleep so it’s important to match a travel pillow to that criteria.

We have tested and compared the top 10 most innovative travel pillows available for purchase online so that you can make up your own mind for that upcoming trip of yours. We tested inflatable, memory foam and microbead pillows of all shapes and sizes on planes, trains and cars to find which is the most comfortable, easy to store and of course which gave the best quality of sleep.

1. Trtl Pillow – Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

If you’re like most people who hate having to drag around a neck pillow and want something inconspicuous and easy to travel with then we recommend the Trtl pillow. The Trtl Pillow is the smallest and most lightweight travel accessory you can find on the market. The Trtl has a specially designed neck and jaw supporting system wrapped inside of soft fleece fabric that looks just like a scarf. Remember it gets cold on flights so the fleece is great for keeping you warm and comfortable.

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2. Cabeau Evolution – Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The Cabeau Evolution pillow is made a high quality memory foam core that’s wrapped in a velour fabric layer. Unlike other travel pillows the area behind the neck is flatter to prevent your head from being pushed forward into an uncomfortable position. The sides are much higher than other pillows and this stops your head from falling as you drift off to sleep. It also has a pocket for your phone that keeps your device safe, secure and in a great position while you rest.

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3. Purefly

This inflatable pillow is so clever it will inflate by simply pushing down on a button until you reach your desired level of thickness. Then when you want to store the pillow it’s as easy as releasing a small valve. The cover is made of a soft velvet layer and comes with a washable cover. The thing we liked most about the Purefly pillow is that it gives your neck and head a raised position when you sleep so that you won’t get into awkward or uncomfortable position like many other inflatable pillows. We had zero neck pain after a long flight due to it’s ability to keep your neck in perfect alignment.

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4. Huzi Infinity

The Infinity Pillow was undeniably the most versatile and customizable pillow we tested. It is designed to allow the user fold, bundle or wrap it into their preferred shape for sleep. It can be used as a neck pillow, window seat cushion, lumbar support, tray table pillow and even for noise or light cancellation. The outer fabric is made of bamboo which is extremely soft and the inner fabric is made of hypoallergenic 3M thinsulate material. The cushion is a little bit bulky for storing in your hand carry but it’s worth it on long flights.

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Similar to the Purefly, this inflatable pillow only takes a few seconds to blow up and is covered in a washable, highly soft velour cover. The shape is specifically aimed at supporting the neck and head so that you don’t wake up with any pains after falling into a bad position. The main way it achieves this is with the extra support at the back and sides so you can rest against the extra cushioning and not strain your neck. This is one of the best deals on the market as they also give you a free carry pouch, ear plugs and an eye mask to make your flight even more comfortable.

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We were extremely impressed with the BCOZZY neck and chin support pillow. It addresses the biggest issue most people have when trying to fall asleep in economy..waking up because your head fell forward. This rare design was both comfortable and easy to travel with as it easily compressed into the pouch when your flight is over. It also has less thickness at the back of your neck so you don’t get pushed forward into an awkward sleeping position.

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7. Travelrest

Remember those car seat belt cushions and how easily they made it to fall asleep. The travelrest pillow does the same thing but much better. It really gives you something thick and comfortable to lie against and stop your neck from leaning forward. It also makes sure you don’t wake yourself up by repeated head nods. This pillow easily inflated within a few seconds of blowing and the ergonomic design made it very simple to attach to your aircraft seat. You’ll never need to worry about falling asleep on the passenger next to you again.

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8. J-Pillow

The J-Pillow won the prestigious “Best Consumer Invention” at the British Invention Show back in 2013 and is perfect for travellers who find themselves waking up after their heads fall down when trying to fall asleep. The cushion is made into a unique J shape that supports the neck, head and chin to give you unparalleled support on longer flights. We can speak from experience and safely say the J pillow is a very comfortable design and gave us a great sleep.

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9. Ostrich Pillow

The unique design of the ostrich pillow allows you to lie forward on the meal tray table and fit your head into the comfortable hole and cross your arms through the bottom. In much the same way as a massage table, Simptech pillows cater specifically to those who like to lie down rather than falling asleep in an upright position. This travel pillow allows you to block out the rest of the world, and it stores away into a very slim space when you’re done with it. I personally prefer to sleep upright however was still able to get good sleep with this pillow.

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10. Travelmate

The Travelmate memory foam pillow may look like your standard travel pillow however it has a few major design differences that separate it from other pillows. The first one is the thick, higher side walls which rest against your chin to support the head and neck. The most important feature is the removable insert at the back of the neck which allows you to customise the thickness in this area. This is great because if you’re like me and you prefer to be upright when you sleep on flights, the area at the back of the neck tends to push your whole head forward into an unnatural position. Overall this is a great value pillow and provided great sleep.

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Have you tried any of these neck pillows? Which do you think is the best travel pillow available?

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