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Tips to save more when booking an Holiday.

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It’s no secret why everyone loves and keeps coming back, but is it possible to get an even better deal then you’re already getting? We strive to enlighten everyone who seeks holiday deal enlightenment and are equally excited to find the best deals for you. Let’s get stuck into this magical list of icelolly deal saving tips!

1. Flexibility

Do not go into your next holiday planning thinking that you must be able to control everything. I repeat, do NOT try to be a control freak! The true experts realise that the dates, locations, flights and tours are all out of their hands and instead of trying to micromanage them, they go with the flow. If you accept that the best deals won’t always perfectly match your original plans, then you are setting yourself up for some major savings at the checkout. Surprisingly some of the best deals on flights come from surrendering to flying out of the less convenient airport or taking an extra stopover to a less popular location. The same goes with tours with less popular tour companies, hotels in less popular locations and even holiday destinations which are “up-and-coming”.

2. Avoid Peak Season

This is a bit of a ‘duh’ moment, but it’s true. Do not think you will get the best deals during peak holiday periods because there is just too many travellers to compete with during these seasons. Interestingly some of the best months to go on holidays are during Autumn when temperatures are still warm during the day and the weather tends to be drier. The crowds are much easier to deal with and of course prices for attractions will plummet. Overall you are going to see major drops in ‘All-inclusive’ packages because demand is lower and everyone in the travel industry is trying to prolong the peak season tourist demand. So please do your best to plan your leave from work at a time when less people are thinking of going and you will see the savings stack up pretty quickly.

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3. Become Addicted to the Homepage

Save the homepage this instant. The biggest savings are posted on this page and are the first to be updated each day. The team at icelolly are constantly working on providing its customers with extremely cheap holiday deals. By simply checking this page on a daily basis you are far more likely to save big bucks on your next holiday and even get inspiration for your next trip. Who knows, maybe the destination you were planning on wasn’t as good as something you just discovered on the homepage. And if that’s too much work for you then why not just join their mailing list so you can get instant updates via email wherever you are.

4. Top Deals = Mega Savings

This is beyond obvious, but we have to say it because its true. Keep checking the top deals page from time to time so that you can see the absolute lowest priced holiday deals that icelolly have to offer you. Now this page isn’t something that will be just left idle for weeks on end, it’s going to change on a regular basis with deals that aren’t going to last. Once they’re sold out, they’re sold out.

5. Don’t do this alone

No seriously! The icelolly team is actually standing by to chat live with you on the website. If you have any problems you need help with, or can’t find the deal you really wanted then just click on the ‘live chat’ tab and we will reply in a giffy.

6. Shop Around

Bet you didn’t expect we would say that did you? Believe it or not, but we are welcoming you to look elsewhere. What would possess us to say that you might think? Is it confidence that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere? Absolutely. Do icelolly want you to book with another company? Well no of course not, but if you do then it means that you were able to find a better price and work super hard so that won’t happen. Regardless of this, we encourage you to do your homework and see what you can find and if we are still the best price and overall quality, then the decision is easy and we promise not to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”. Remember to check out our cheap holiday page for some other great travel deals.

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7. Promo Codes Matter

Lastly and most importantly you need to become addicted to finding promo codes. These codes are so powerful that they might even save you an additional 30-50% off the already low discounted holiday price. It’s as simple as going to our icelolly Promo Codes page and searching for the company you want to get a promo code for and then using that code at the checkout to unlock the savings. Let’s say you’ve just found the best holiday package on and you’re about to pay at the checkout. You might think your work is done and you can relax. WRONG! You’re one step short of the best price ever. Now’s the time to search for the latest discount codes to take even more money off the total.

Bonus Tip: Get Social!

Social media has become a great platform for sharing the latest holiday deals and discounts. We recommend following both our own and icelolly’s social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on any last minute holiday deals or sales.

Now you know how to make some extra savings, it's time to book your icelolly Holiday!

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