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At Holiday Promo Code, we love to travel, but we also understand the importance of exploring our world whilst causing as little harm as possible. To help promote sustainable and low impact travel, we have compiled a few tips. Below are just some of the ways you can travel the globe responsibly and sustainably.

Low Impact Qatar Airways 787 Aircraft

Choose Newer Planes

Not only are newer planes more enjoyable for passengers, with better air quality and fun new window shutters, but they are also better for the environment. Currently, commercial passenger aircraft account for 11% of all emissions in global transport, with predictions that this figure will rise by 50% as demand for air travel increases. Fortunately, the leading aircraft manufacturers are already planning for the future, and creating more economical and environmentally sustainable aircraft, such as the a350 and 787 dreamliner.

Airbnb & the Sharing Economy

Love it or hate it, Airbnb and similar property sharing apps are having a positive environmental impact. Unlike a traditional hotel, when you stay in an Airbnb rental you are normally staying in a domestic property that would otherwise be empty. When there is a boom in tourism in a particular area, rather than rushing to build hotels and resorts that often have detrimental envrionmental effects, visitors can now opt to stay in a spare bed. Not only is this often cheaper than most hotels, but tourists can opt for anything from a spare bedroom in an occupied house through to a luxury villa all to themselves.


Eco tourism is definitely on the rise in a range of tourist hotspots throughout the world. This has resulted in a wide arrange of eco resorts and hotels, which can now be booked by visitors looking to stay in a sustainable room. What makes this accommodation different to a normal hotel or resort is the emphasis on sustainability. Eco resorts are designed to have minimal impact on the local environment. Some of the features commonly found include solar panels for electricity, solar thermal for heated water, little to no relianceĀ on CO2 emitting vehicles, low impact accommodation, and much more.

Use Public Transport or Bikes

In most major tourist locations, you will have an abundance of public transport options available. Whether it be a bus, metro, train, or tram, these methods of transport are a lot more sustainable (and generally more economical) than other types of transport, such as a taxi or private transfers. In many major cities, including London, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Paris, Vienna, Helsinki, Copenhagen and many more, you can hire a bicycle, which is often free for the first 30 minutes or so, and is the perfect way to explore your local destination both cheaply and sustainably.

Support the Local Economy

Whilst it may seem obvious whilst travelling, when you support the local economy you are often supporting sustainable travel. Most local tourism providers in regional areas have the interest of their local community in mind. As such, when you spend money in local regions, it is not only great news for local economies, but also great for sustainable travel.

Consider a Staycation

Staycations are a popular choice for many holidaymakers in the UK in recent years. Not only are they often cheaper than an overseas holiday, they are generally a lot more sustainable. If you are considering a staycation, but want an amazing time, we recommend Haven Holidays. They offer amazing accommodation not too far from home, at prices that won’t break the budget.


Further Reading

Below are a few additional resources that you will want to check out if you are interested in low impact and sustainable travel.

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Do you have low impact travel and sustainable explorations tips or advice? We would love to hear it. Get in touch, and we may feature your ideas!


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