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Teletext Holidays - Can I get a better deal?

Tips to save more when booking a Teletext Holiday.

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The lovely people at work tirelessly to bring you the latest and best priced travel deals, so it’s no surprise that millions of travellers every year visit Teletext Holidays to find ideas and plan their next holiday. But just because they have such a good reputation for delivering on quality and value for money, doesn’t mean you should just settle for their prices. We are here to show you how you can go that little bit further to make sure you are getting the absolute best price for your next holiday through Teletext Holidays. Let’s do this…

1. Become addicted to finding promo codes

This is certainly the most crucial advice we can give you and it’s not just because is primarily a promo code site, but because the concept is so simple, and it can lead to some astronomical savings when you least expected them. Most people find the best deal they were after and get to the checkout and pay instantly. This is just so wrong because most companies provide a blank section where you can input that promo code prior to paying. So, to ignore it is foolish and we would like to see more people become aware of the benefits of searching for a code. Let’s say you’ve found the best price possible on a hotel booking in Italy and then you get to the checkout where the price is £500. Instead of instantly paying you should do a quick search on Holidayers for a promo code. Once you apply that code, the price at the checkout suddenly becomes £420 before your very eyes and with minimal effort. So to reiterate, become addicted to finding promo codes for everything you buy online because it’s not over until you have a promo code.

2. Forget about high season

This is pretty obvious to most but we all still try to do it thinking that we will get away with it or that everyone else is avoiding it too. Wrong! The majority of people go on holidays during high season because of the weather and because that’s when most businesses give employees holiday leave. If you have the ability to choose when you take leave then you should aim to go at the start or end of the season before the crowds arrive or holidays start. Not only will you have less people to compete with for flights, hotels and tours but you will in turn have much, much lower prices. It’s always based on supply and demand so look for the less popular times to go and you will have a more relaxing and stress-free holiday. The team at Teletext Holidays have some of the best deals on the internet during the last weeks of summer and start of Autumn when temperatures are still reasonably warm during the day and also less precipitation.

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3. Look for destinations that are unpopular

This sounds weird, but we don’t mean that you should go to a boring or ugly travel spot. We mean that you should plan to travel to great destinations when they are having unseasonably low tourist numbers caused by a variety of factors such as poor weather, recent natural disasters, political unrest or even post terrorist events. Of course, this is within reason and we are not advocating that you expose yourself to any danger however recent events such as volcanic eruptions in Bali, Indonesia saw a drop in tourist numbers by some 50%. Interestingly this wasn’t necessary at all because the volcano was some 2 hours to the north of the island and posed almost nil danger to travellers. The result of the reduced tourist numbers was that everything related to tourism such as hotels, flights, tours and even restaurants had to lower their prices significantly. This benefits those who are brave and willing to do the research to decide if the lower prices outweigh the risks.

4. Shop around

Now this may not seem very wise of us to request that you shop around and find the best prices because it may mean we are losing your business, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The team at Teletext Holidays are so confident in their cheap holiday packages that they know where they stand amongst the competition in relation to price and quality. With over 20 years in the travel industry they know how to offer the absolute lowest market prices while still giving you the quality you have come to expect and deserve. When searching amongst their competitors make sure you look at the whole picture instead of just price because every included piece of the package makes a difference. The most important thing is that you don’t forget that even if there is a better deal on one of our competitors websites, that you come to us first before making a decision because we can always try to match it or pull some strings to get you the best end of the deal.

5. Go with the flow

let’s face it we all feel stressed when we plan our dream vacations. A lot of work goes into making everything work out so that we can achieve relaxation and experience new things in this beautiful world of ours. But the idea that you need to control and plan every single bit of a trip is drastically getting in the way of your ability to find a really good holiday deal. Most deals are not going to perfectly match everyone’s original plan, so it makes sense to not make any concrete plans until you’ve looked at the deals. This is contrary to how most people plan their trips whereby they plan everything on paper first then go about searching for the deal that matches everything. Then they start scratching their heads as to why it ended up costing so much. What we suggest is to visit first and plan from there based on the deals that you come across. This eliminates any chance of you becoming stressed and out of pocket beyond your budget.

6. Last minute deals

Like most of us we tend to procrastinate then stress over not having enough time left to plan our holidays. This is simple human nature and it’s one of the great reasons why there are so many amazing packages out there for “last minute deals”. Some of us just tend to enjoy having a bit more spontaneity in our lives so they are in the same group as those that forget to plan until the last minute. The great news is this– you’re actually both as likely to get a ‘really, really ridiculously good-looking’ deal. This is because many holiday destinations are aware that they need to lower their prices at the last minute to get more Holidayers through the doors. Everyone from airlines to hotels are doing this and it absolutely makes sense to be aware of it. Of course not everyone is the same and most are not willing to take their chances on waiting to the last minute but for those that are, they will truly benefit from visiting the ‘last minute holiday deals’ page on Remember though, these deals won’t last more than a few days so be quick.

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7. All-inclusive deals are king

The best deals are almost always found on trips lasting a standard 7, 10 or 14 day period. In many situations Teletext holidays say that you could get an entire all-inclusive trip at cheaper price than the for just the flights alone. For example, a 10 day all-inclusive trip to Miami cost £486 while the flights alone cost £564 per person, on a scheduled airline. Make sure you do your own math first though because if you factor in how much you normally spend on food and ground transport, you may or may not come under the price of the all-inclusive package. Generally speaking most people would find it works out the same or better, with a whole lot less stress in arranging everything such as transport to go looking for food or tours etc.

8. Hassle the experts

Whether that means you engage our team at or the Teletext holidays team, or even you good friend who travels frequently, it all leads to the same thing – cheaper deals. The team at Teletext however are a great resource to rely on because they have been around for over 20 years and have an incredible knack at finding the best deals around the world. Feel free to call them on their hotline and hassle them with your queries. They’re addicted to finding you the perfect deal for your next journey. Remember there is no need to book on the phone so don’t think that you are under any pressure to commit then and there.

Bonus Tip: Get Social!

Social media has become a great platform for sharing the latest holiday deals and discounts. We recommend following both our own and Teletext Holidays’ social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on any last minute holiday deals or sales.

Now you know how to make some extra savings, it's time to book your Teletext Holiday!

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